Why Luxury Real Estate Advisors?

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Luxury Real Estate Advisors (LREA) provides a full range of strategic solutions to assist buyers and sellers when navigating the complex luxury real estate segment. LREA’s best-in-class data analytics helps us identify sales/leasing trends and hidden opportunities.

LREA’s property management division is the undisputed leader in the Las Vegas luxury segment; so not only can we assist with acquiring, leasing, managing, and selling, we have a private collection of off-market residences with tenants in place that provides immediate cash flow for investors.  


  • Our initial consultation will assist in identifying acquisition/investment goals.
  • Based on client goals, we will provide property listings and a summary opinion of best available communities to tour.
  • We provide 3-D tour links so that you have the opportunity to virtually tour floor plans from the comfort of your home/office.


  • We provide micro and macro analysis relating to economic trends, lending solutions, and inventory levels.
  • We provide an overview of current as well as proposed tourism and convention-related projects that can provide added value over time.
  • Once the desired community has been identified, we will provide a tour of available residences.
  • We provide property specific historical data of sales and leasing efforts with timelines that will be segmented by floor plan and view.

Risk Mitigation

  • Identify any construction defect claims.
  • HOA reserve fund status.
  • Discover any excessive rules or regulations that impact value.
  • Research development plans in the vicinity to identify potential future projects that may impact views/values.


  • Examine residence/floor plan specific pricing adjustments to find distressed sellers.
  • Identify other sellers of specific floor plans and views and leverage multiple sellers against each other to put downward pressure on prices.


  • We provide you with guidance on smart property improvements that add value and increase rental yields.
  • We analyze furnished vs unfurnished leasing data to determine if furnishing the residence makes financial sense and if so, we determine a potential budget.


  • We assist you in navigating the complex world of tenant and landlord laws per NRS 118A
  • Our best in class financial reporting ensures that you can make informed real estate decisions
  • We deploy advanced risk mitigation techniques that include landlord-friendly lease agreements, forced mediation vs costly litigation and we require all of our tenants to obtain $250,000 in liability insurance.

Selling-Exit Strategy

  • We provide compressive analysis of recent sales, current market listings (competition), and suggested market timing to capitalize on value added by proposed tourism and convention-related developments.
  • Our best in class marketing utilizes cutting-edge technologies like big data, advanced analytics, 3D tours, drone photography, advanced Google and Bing advertising methods, comprehensive social media strategies and mass emails to over 25,000 clients per month. 

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