Anthony Phillips | CEO | Luxury Real Estate Advisors | Las Vegas

A distinguished professional in the real estate field, holding numerous records and accomplishments such as attaining the highest ever price for a one-bedroom residence in Nevada history and holding price per square foot records for Las Vegas Strip luxury resale condos in 2011 and 2013. Achieved a record lease price at the Waldorf Astoria and was part of the Del Webb management team, which oversaw the building and sale of over 2,000 homes, with sales exceeding $1B.

An esteemed member of CityCenter Residential’s Elite Developers Circle and trusted representative for executives from esteemed corporations such as UBS Global, JP Morgan, GE Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Christopher Homes, and Caesars.

Over a decade of expertise in the Las Vegas luxury condo segment, leading a team managing the renovations of over 600 luxury residential condos and representing board members on 9+ high-rise condominium boards. Provides advisory services to Las Vegas condo HOAs on various real estate-related issues, leading a team that consistently executes 200+ transactions per year, encompassing both leasing and sales. Mr. Phillips has completed Executive Education programs at Cornell University and MIT.

Anthony Phillips continues a distinguished family legacy deeply ingrained in the diverse realms of law, academia, business, politics, and consumer advocacy, originating from the historical richness of New England. This illustrious lineage includes the founders of the renowned Phillips Andover and Phillips Exeter academies, past presidents of Harvard University, and proactive figures of the 19th-century abolitionist movement, alongside numerous contributors to local and national legislative assemblies.

The Phillips family legacy further extends to notable members who served as the Director of the National Security Agency, founded the prominent Phillips 66 energy company, and introduced the innovative Phillips screwdriver to the world.

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