Nevada Residency Requirements-DMV

New Nevada residents must obtain their driver license and vehicle registration within 30 days. The initial fine for failing to register your vehicle is $1,000. It may be reduced to not less than $200 upon compliance.

You must be a Nevada resident and provide a Nevada street address to obtain a driver license. You may not hold licenses or ID cards from multiple states.

Active duty military members, their spouses, dependents, and others living temporarily in Nevada are not required to transfer their license and registration.

Licenses are not issued to visitors. Foreign nationals may or may not be eligible for a license or a driver authorization card depending on their specific immigration status. Email or call for details and see Residency and Proof of Identity.

Nevada Revised Statutes 482.103 and 483.141 “Resident” defined.

  1. “Resident” includes, but is not limited to, a person:
    1. Whose legal residence is in the State of Nevada.
    2. Who engages in intrastate business and operates in such a business any motor vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer, or any person maintaining such vehicles in this state, as the home state of such vehicles.
    3. Who physically resides in this state and engages in a trade, profession, occupation or accepts gainful employment in this state.
    4. Who declares himself to be a resident of this state to obtain privileges not ordinarily extended to nonresidents of this state.
    5. The term does not include a person who is an actual tourist, an out-of-state student, a border state employee or a seasonal resident.

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