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New Nevada residents must obtain their driver’s license and vehicle registration within 30 days. The initial fine for failing to register your vehicle is $1,000. It may be reduced to not less than $200 upon compliance.

Nevada Residency Requirements

You must be a Nevada resident and provide a Nevada street address to obtain a driver’s license. You may not hold licenses or ID cards from multiple states.

Active duty military members, their spouses, dependents, and others living temporarily in Nevada are not required to transfer their license and registration.

Licenses are not issued to visitors. Foreign nationals may or may not be eligible for a license or a driver authorization card depending on their specific immigration status. Email or call for details and see Residency and Proof of Identity.

Nevada Revised Statutes 482.103 and 483.141 “Resident” defined. Resident includes, but is not limited to, a person:

  • Whose legal residence is in the State of Nevada.
  • Who engages in intrastate business and operates in such a business any motor vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer, or any person maintaining such vehicles in this state, as the home state of such vehicles.
  • Who physically resides in this state and engages in a trade, profession, occupation or accepts gainful employment in this state.
  • Who declares himself to be a resident of this state to obtain privileges not ordinarily extended to nonresidents of this state.

Items Needed for a Typical Transfer

Drivers Licence

As a first-time applicant, you will be required to provide proof of your identity (name and date of birth), separate proof of your social security number if one has been issued for you and two documents that prove your Nevada residential address. You must also surrender any existing U.S.-issued license or ID.

Your Valid, State-Issued Driver License, Instruction Permit or ID Card

This must contain your name and date of birth. You must also provide additional proof of identity as listed in Residency and Proof of Identity. Licenses and ID cards are issued at a central location and mailed to the customer 7 to 10 days after application. We will punch a hole in your existing license or ID and return it to you with a paper interim document. Your existing license will be canceled in your previous state. If your license is expired, revoked or suspended, see Driving-Tests. If you have never been licensed in the U.S., see Beginning Drivers 18 & Older or Nevada Teen Driving. Nevada requires special endorsements for Class C license holders to tow multiple trailers or trailers in excess of 10,000 pounds. Additional testing is required.

Additional Proof of Identity & Nevada Residential Address

Nevada has three sets of requirements for proof of identity. Most motorists will apply for a Real ID driver’s license or a standard Nevada license. Those who cannot meet the requirements for a Real ID or standard license may apply for a Driver Authorization Card (DAC), which is not valid for identification. You must bring all of the following:

• Proof of Identity AND
• If you have changed your name, Proof of All Name Change(s) AND
• Proof of Social Security number AND
• Proof of your Nevada residential address (two documents) AND
• Application for Driving Privileges or ID Card

Vehicle Registration | Nevada Evidence of Insurance

Be sure the name(s) on your insurance match the names(s) on your registration exactly. Insurance must be issued by a Nevada-licensed carrier. Out of state insurance is not accepted. If you are moving from another state, you must notify your agent or insurance company that you have moved to Nevada. Or, purchase a new policy here. Nevada accepts Evidence of Insurance on mobile devices. Nevada insurance is necessary to comply with Nevada LIVE electronic verification. The minimum liability insurance requirement is $25,000/$50,000/$20,000. You must keep Nevada Evidence of Insurance in your vehicle at all times and present it to law enforcement upon request.

Smog Test

Nevada Emissions Vehicle Inspection Report (if needed)Smog checks are required on gasoline and diesel-powered cars and trucks, 1968 and newer, based in and around Las Vegas and Reno. New vehicles are exempt from their first and second registration. Hybrid-electric vehicles are exempt for the first five model years. Diesel vehicles with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating over 14,000 pounds are also exempt. You must have a Nevada smog check even if your vehicle was recently tested in another state. Nevada emission inspection stations are privately owned and decentralized. Look for a station near your new home or see Business License Verification for sortable lists. See Diesel Inspection Stations if you have a diesel vehicle. See Emissions for more information.

Your Current Registration(s) and License Plates

New residents must surrender their out-of-state plates. Expired registrations are subject to late fees. Most trailers must be registered and titled if used on any public street. A third party may register the vehicle for you. The person must also present an Application for Vehicle Registration (VP 222) signed by the owner. Or, the third party may present a completed Power of Attorney (VP 136) or a General Power of Attorney instead of a VP 222. Any Power of Attorney must be notarized and be an original or certified copy. If your former state does not register and/or title trailers, call or email for an explanation of requirements.

Title(s), Unless Held By Lienholder

You have the option of retaining your out-of-state title. However, we strongly suggest getting a Nevada title if your vehicle is paid for. This will minimize problems when you sell your vehicle.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspection

Any vehicle or trailer which has never been registered or titled in Nevada must be inspected. This is done at DMV offices. At larger offices, drive to the VIN inspection station outside the main DMV building first.VIN inspections may also be completed by a sworn law enforcement officer, or at any participating business authorized by the Department in accordance with NRS 482.220, using the Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VP 015). Mopeds are inspected using the Moped Registration Application/Inspection (VP 30).


The DMV accepts cash, checks, money orders for the exact amount due, electronic checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Out-of-state checks are accepted with the approval of a supervisor. Have your VIN ready and use our Online Fee Estimate for estimates of vehicle registration fees. (Estimate only – total fees will be slightly higher.) Nevada charges basic registration fees and taxes based on the value of your vehicle. We do not give credits or refunds of other states’ fees. Most Nevada driver’s licenses are valid for 8 years and cost $42.25. Licenses issued to those 65 and older will be valid for 4 years and cost $18.25.A $26 testing fee applies to knowledge and skills testing. See Driver License Fees.



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