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Dear Luxury Condo Owner

As you may know, Veer requires that every owner proactively perform regular inspections and maintenance on the water lines. Flooding events are increasingly occurring as the project ages due to Las Vegas tap water having the second highest level of water-based corroding minerals in the US.

To satisfy this new requirement, Luxury Real Estate Advisors and Luxury Home Services created a service program tailor-made to meet each building’s requirements.

The program inspects the following and includes two hours of housekeeping service:

  • Plumbing supply lines to toilets, sinks, and other appliances
  • Washing machine hoses
  • Sewer lines, to the extent said lines exclusively serve the Unit
  • Shut-off valves to ensure proper operation
  • All appliances and fixtures that use or hold water
  • Supply lines for heating and cooling Unit(s).

Quoted from the Veer Notice: “Because of the increased risk and costs involved with water leaks in a condominium building, a Unit Owner’s failure to inspect, maintain and repair plumbing lines, fixtures and appliances in his/her Unit as stated in this policy may be deemed to constitute willful misconduct by that Unit Owner. Any such Unit Owner may be held financially liable for any and all damage to Common Elements and/or other Units.” Furthermore, failure to comply could result in your insurance company denying reimbursement. Our understanding is that an assessment is added to your HOA balance, which may require immediate payment to avoid fees, collections, and liens/foreclosure.

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Lindsay Dahlberg
Licensed Real Estate Agent, S.0187679 Property Manager, PM.0167827
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