Submitting a Maintenance Request

Minor repairs and maintenance are the tenants responsibility per section 26 page 6 of your lease agreement. This would include but not limited to light-bulb replacement, air filter replacement, water filter replacement, etc.

MAINTENANCE: TENANT shall keep the Premises in a clean and good condition. TENANT shall immediately report to the LANDLORD any defect or problem on the Premises. TENANT agrees to notify LANDLORD of any water leakage and/or damage within 24 hours of the occurrence. TENANT understands that TENANT may be held responsible for any water and/or mold damage, including the costs of remediation of such damage. TENANT shall be responsible for any MINOR repairs necessary to the Premises up to and including the cost of $ ___100 p/instance__ TENANT agrees to pay for all repairs, replacements and maintenance required by TENANT’s misconduct or negligence or that of TENANT’s family, pets, licensees and guests, including but not limited to any damage done by wind or rain caused by leaving windows open and/or by overflow of water, or stoppage of waste pipes, or any other damage to appliances, carpeting or the Premises in general. At LANDLORD’s option, such charges shall be paid immediately or be regarded as additional rent to be paid no later than the next monthly payment date following such repairs. TENANT acknowledges any minor repairs made to the Property must be done by an active, licensed and insured contractor.

If there is an issue that is not minor in nature or appliance related, Submit a Maintenance Request through our 24/7 maintenance hotline at 702-440-8441

Second option for submitting a work order.

Submit a Maintenance Request through the Online Portal

The following is how a tenant or homeowner can submit a request for maintenance in their Online Portal.

  • Submit a maintenance request directly to your property manager in the Online Portal along with photos of the issue.
  • ​From the Home or Maintenance tab click Request Maintenance
  • Enter a detailed description of the issue, upload one or more photos of the item needing attention (select multiple photos at once from computer or camera roll), select whether the property manager has permission to enter with their key, then click Submit Request.
  • You will see a confirmation message in your portal once the request is submitted, but will not receive a confirmation email.
  • The status of a maintenance request submitted through your Online Portal is available in the the Maintenance tab. The status will update from received, to scheduled, to completed as these actions are done by the property manager.

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