Data centers may help unlock the new Nevada economy

In order for the new Nevada economy to mature, the state needs more data centers, experts say.

Gov. Brian Sandoval has selected nine industries to target for growth: aerospace and defense, agriculture, information technology, energy, health care, manufacturing, logistics and operations, mining and gaming, hospitality and tourism.

All those industries increasingly rely on big data — drones equipped with sensors are increasingly being used to help detect the health of crops, for example — and all that data will need a physical home.

“Data centers are the brick and mortar of our fast-growing digital economy,” said Jeff West, head of data center research at commercial real estate services provider CBRE.

Steve Hill, the outgoing director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, said he’s confident that the needed data center capacity will emerge locally to support the envisioned economy.

Data centers may help unlock the new Nevada economy