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Luxury Real Estate Advisors Application Process.

To apply for one of our rental properties, please apply online at http://luxlivingrentals.com/vacancies/, scroll to the appropriate property and hit “Apply Now”.

  • The cost for the application fee is $100.00 per adult.
  • Please make sure to upload most recent bank statement, pay stubs, and I.D.
  • If you are being represented by another realtor, please upload a copy of your Realtors Duties Owed form.
We cannot process applications until we have these items.
Once approved, you will need to obtain renters insurance with a minimum of $250,000 liability coverage or building minimum. These polices are typically in the $200 range. 

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Tenant/Landlord relationships are bound by NRS 118 and the following are some of the highlights of that provision:

Basic obligations for tenants:

A tenant shall, as basic obligations under this chapter:

      1.  Comply with the terms of the rental agreements and home owners association rules

      2.  Keep that part of the premises which is occupied and used as clean and safe as the condition of the premises permit.

      3.  Dispose of all ashes, garbage, rubbish and other waste from the dwelling unit in a clean and safe manner.

      4.  Keep all plumbing fixtures in the dwelling unit as clean as their condition permits.

      5.  Use in a reasonable manner all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and other facilities and appliances, including elevators, in the premises.

      6.  Not deliberately or negligently render the premises uninhabitable or destroy, deface, damage, impair or remove any part of the premises or knowingly permit any person to do so; and conduct himself or herself and require                   other persons on the premises with his or her consent to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb a neighbor’s peaceful enjoyment of the premises.

NRS 118A.330  Landlord’s access to dwelling unit.

      1.  A tenant shall not unreasonably withhold consent for the landlord peaceably to enter into the dwelling unit to:

      (a) Inspect the premises as agreed upon in the lease agreement

      (b) Make necessary or agreed repairs, decorating, alterations or improvements

      2.  The landlord may enter the dwelling unit without consent of the tenant in case of emergency.

      3.  The landlord shall not abuse the right of access or use it to harass the tenant. Except in case of emergency, the landlord shall give the tenant at least 24 hours’ notice of intent to enter and may enter only at reasonable times                   during normal business hours unless the tenant expressly consents to shorter notice or to entry during nonbusiness hours with respect to the particular entry.

      4.  The landlord has no other right of access except:

      (a) Pursuant to court order;


NRS 118A.350  Failure of landlord to comply with rental agreement.

      1.  Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, if the landlord fails to comply with the rental agreement, the tenant shall deliver a written notice to the landlord specifying the acts and omissions constituting the breach and stating that the rental agreement will terminate as provided in this section. If the breach is remediable and the landlord adequately remedies the breach or uses his or her best efforts to remedy the breach within 14 days after receipt of the notice, the rental agreement does not terminate by reason of the breach. If the landlord fails to remedy the breach or make a reasonable effort to do so within the prescribed time, the tenant may:

      (a) Terminate the rental agreement immediately.

      (b) Recover actual damages.

      (c) Apply to the court for such relief as the court deems proper under the circumstances.

      2.  The tenant may not terminate the rental agreement for a condition caused by the tenant’s own deliberate or negligent act or omission or that of a member of his or her household or other person on the premises with his or                   her consent.

      3.  If the rental agreement is terminated, the landlord shall return all prepaid rent and security recoverable by the tenant under this chapter.

      4.  A tenant may not proceed under this section unless the tenant has given notice as required by subsection 1, except that the tenant may, without giving that notice, recover damages under paragraph (b) of subsection 1 if the                   landlord:

      (a) Admits to the court that the landlord had knowledge of the condition constituting the breach; or

      (b) Has received written notice of that condition from a governmental agency authorized to inspect for violations of building, housing or health codes.

   See link for more information http://www.leg.state.nv.us/nrs/nrs-118a.html#NRS118ASec355